Delegation — Leveraging Your Time And Resources
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Delegation — Leveraging Your Time And Resources

Jul 09, 2023

Think of your time as a limited jar of marbles. Every task you take on is like adding another marble to that jar. The problem? When you try to cram too many tasks—too many marbles—into your life, your jar overflows. What’s the solution to this all-too-common scenario? Delegation. It’s the act of handing over some of your marbles to someone else, effectively making room in your own jar and avoiding the dreaded overflow.

By delegating, you’re not surrendering or losing control—far from it. Instead, you’re making a strategic decision, wisely choosing where to invest your limited marbles (time). This act of discernment allows you to reclaim control of your life, freeing up space to concentrate on what truly matters and what only you can do best. In other words, it’s about focusing on your unique strengths and passions, and leaving the rest to others who are more suited for those tasks.

Don’t just take our word for it. According to a Gallup study,[1] CEOs who excel in delegating generate 33 percent higher revenue. These savvy executives understand a fundamental truth: they can’t—and shouldn’t have to—accomplish everything alone. Instead, they strategically position their team members to tackle tasks that play to their strengths, tasks they are confident will be executed excellently.

This isn’t just a win for the CEO—it’s a win for the entire team. It empowers employees, boosts morale, and ignites a spark of productivity that runs through the whole organization. As an added bonus, while the team handles these delegated responsibilities, the CEO can free up their precious time to focus on high-impact activities that will yield the highest returns and drive the company’s growth.

In essence, delegation is a skill—one that is often overlooked but is critical to master. It allows you to leverage both your time and resources, enabling you to achieve more, even when you’re working with less time and energy.

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