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Four Fun Things

Jul 11, 2023

OMG, have you heard that our boyfriends are starring in a new movie together???!!!!!!! Be still my beating heart. The British romance fantasy film All of Us Strangers (December 22nd) features Adam (Andrew Scott), a melancholy screenwriter living in a London high-rise, who develops a passionate romance with his neighbor Harry (Paul Mescal). “There was chemistry between the two of them literally the second I saw them together,” says director Andrew Haigh. Meanwhile, Adam also returns to his childhood home, where he’s surprised to see his parents (Claire Foy and Jamie Bell) since they died in a tragic accident when he was a kid. The comments on the Vanity Fair Instagram post made me lol: @projectslay: Yeah this movie is gonna end me. Paul Mescal zaddy vibes. @sumstagrams: AND CLAIRE FOY just inject this right into my veins. @Morgan.l.s22: They both look like two different fonts of Jesse Pinkman.

For my fellow cacio e pepe fans, Smitten Kitchen just shared a delicious-looking recipe for cacio e pepe with fresh corn. “The only thing I love more than the combination of salty, funky pecorino cheese and copious amounts of black pepper kicking up sparks of heat on a tangle of linguine is the way I make it in the summer: adding sweet, crunchy corn,” she writes. Bonus: you need only four ingredients.

I don’t wear much jewelry, but this orb necklace took my breath away. Feels so romantic and elegant. Also, similar to a self-love ring, a heart pendant would be a cool way to say “I love myself first.”

Finally, how laid-back is this conversation starter from teacher David DeWeil: “My new favorite thing is asking my class to share a boring fact about themselves (way too much pressure to share an interesting fact). Today I shared I don’t like mayo on sandwiches. One student puts both socks on before putting on shoes.” What would yours be? I always know what time it is and I shower in the dark for chill morning vibes.

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(All of Us Strangers photo from Searchlight Pictures. Last photo from PEN15.)