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Why Do Pickle Jars Almost Never Include the Word "Pickles"?

Aug 24, 2023

Here’s a weird thing you never noticed: Someone on TikTok pointed out that jars of pickles almost never have the WORD “pickles” on the label.

Most big brands like Claussen and Vlasic say things like “Kosher Dill Spears” or “Bread & Butter Slices.” But the word “pickles” is nowhere to be found.

TikTok is calling it “Picklegate,” and people have been offering up explanations.

One theory was it has to have specific ingredients to be called a “pickle.” Another was that all sorts of foods can be pickled. So maybe it’s not allowed, because it’s too vague?

One person even joked that in order to be called pickles, “they need to be from the Pickle Region in France.”

But it turns out none of those are right…

Someone asked the big pickle brands to comment. And the real reason is… they just don’t think it’s necessary.

It’s a glass jar, and you can SEE the pickles inside.

Vlasic said there’s limited space on the label, so they prefer to, quote, “clearly communicate the form and flavor inside each jar.” Claussen and other brands basically said the same thing.

Grillo’s Pickles is one of the only big brands that DOES use the word “pickle” on its jars. Their V.P. of branding said even he never noticed other companies shy away from it.


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