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Buzbe Quik Qube Tackle Bag Review

Jul 29, 2023

I struggle when it comes to efficiently storing bass fishing tackle. I’m not one of those guys who spends hours in his shop finding the perfect way to store obscure things. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and I envy those who are able to do it but that just ain’t Walker. I just like to catch bass and sometimes that means I throw a pile of stuff into a grocery sack when they’re biting, toss it in one of my back compartments and call it good.

A particular product caught my eye recently, however. I was able to test the Buzbe Quik Qube Tackle Bag and I’ll be totally straight with you: I’m going to order several more. It’s much different than most of the other soft bags on the market and in my opinion, it’s absolutely well worth the money. It’s pretty tough to differentiate yourself when manufacturing tackle storage solutions but I believe Buzbe has done a very impressive job with these tackle bags.

I won’t make this wordy because I feel like the photos will tell the story. But I’ve been using this bag to store extra fishing line and it has been an outstanding solution that keeps my boat compartments clean and organized.

I hate the thought of storing fishing line in my boat. In my shop, I can hang the spools on pegboard and everything looks clean as a whistle. But when it comes to keeping excess “emergency” line in my boat, I’ve never had a clue what to do. I normally store in my back port-side compartment and I’d have line all over the place. I’d dig back there to grab a rain jacket or a hoodie and there would be all kinds of fishing line wrapped around my stuff.

The Buzbe Quik Qube, however, has given me a much easier way to store my line. I really like the transparent viewing window so I can see exactly what I’m grabbing at all times. I’ve tried storing excess spools in small plastic bins and they just took up way too much room. I’ve also tried storing spools in gallon-sized plastic bags and they’d rip within just a few weeks of use. This tackle bag has proven to be tough as nails and I never have to worry about any ripping or tearing. It also has a small footprint which allows me to stuff it into small places in my boat.

Just because I’ve been babbling about line storage doesn’t mean that this tackle bag is a one-dimensional item for the avid angler. I’d also like to have one of these bags for first aid items, jumper cables and also important and expensive soft-plastic swimbaits.

Being totally waterproof and built like a tank, this would be a really good bag for all kinds of emergency items. Heck, I’ve even thought about using one for storing toilet paper and a few pieces of dry/clean clothing just in case. You can act like it’s never happened to you, but I’m willing to bet otherwise if you’ve spent enough time on the water. There isn’t a fisherman on this earth who can have enough dry storage for those occasional situations.

I’ve used a bunch of somewhat-similar tackle bags and almost every single one has given me issues when it comes to the zipper mechanism. Again, I’m a simple dude and I don’t know how this stuff works. But when I zip or unzip a tackle bag, I expect the zipper to stay on the tracks and work as it should. I can’t count on both hands how many tackle bags have failed on me over the years.

So far at the time of this article, I’ve had an excellent experience with the zipper on this tackle bag. I don’t have to baby it and I’m able to zip and unzip it quickly and efficiently without worrying about breaking it.

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