Good Times Flower 4g Jar
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Good Times Flower 4g Jar

Jul 15, 2023

Fuel your good times with this premium, greenhouse-grown, certified organic hemp flower housed in a specialty collectable Rome and Duddy jar.

When life’s got you going the wrong way, don’t despair. You’ll be heading in the right direction in no time with Rome & Duddy’s Good Times CBD flower. One look at this bud's beautiful light green color, thin leaves, and streaks of orange, and you can tell why we called this bud "Good Times." A great daytime sativa strain, this unique blend of THC and CBG provides a relaxing yet uplifting sensation that won't slow you down.

As for flavor, hints of tropical fruit like pineapples and mangoes while have you feeling you're on vacation every single day. The most pronounced terpene is Myrcrene, which unsurprisingly is abundant in mangoes. Subtle notes of pine and flowers come along with the Pinene and Guaiol terpenes, blending together for the pleasantly pungent smell of a tropical escape. Good times, indeed.

The flower needs a package that's just as good-looking as itself. So, we've housed it in an FDA-compliant, UV-resistant jar with a high-quality printing of the Rome and Duddy logo. You'll want to keep it on display long after you've finished the flower as a reminder of all the good times.

Our award-winning hemp flower is farmed using sustainable, innovative processes in a greenhouse environment on untouched Oregon pasture land. It is harvested by hand in small batches and is certified USDA organic. You can smell, see, and taste the quality of our flower. Smoke better!

Integral processes in our biochemistry, like sleep, depression, pain, stress, appetite, and cardiovascular regulation are controlled by the endocannabinoid system and the cannabinoid-type substances that we make naturally in our bodies. The highest potency of active ingredients live in cannabinoids and terpenes, which is why they are greatly valued. They’re often sought-after for medicinal properties.

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