How to control the stink of your weed stash at home or on the go
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How to control the stink of your weed stash at home or on the go

Jul 17, 2023

The Smell Proof Stash Box with Lock by Discreet Smoker comes with several pouches labeled for different kinds of strains for easy organization.Erik Christiansen, Dan Michaels

If you’re any thing like me, even a monthly trip to any of New Jersey’s legal weed stores can lead to a pile of weed products (generally referred to as a stash) that have to be stored somewhere.

Storing all your unused weed products, along with your equipment for smoking such as pipes and bongs, can lead to a funky smell sure to be noticed by spouses and kids.

Weed crumbs and leftover buds can cause a crazy odor that seems to linger and follow.

So let’s talk about a few ways to store your stash while keeping those smells in check.

Cleaning the devices you smoke from immediately helps cut down on the smells associated with keeping a stash. (Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal)

Smoking equipment like pipes, bongs, vaporizers and dab rigs all should be cleaned thoroughly to avoid lingering smells. For a step-by-step guide on how to clean your glassware, see this article.

Airtight containers, like those used for food storage, can help contain the pungent odors of left over weed products. (

The best way to contain the smell of all your weed and equipment is to store it in airtight containers. Use one large enough to keep it all together or use multiple containers that all are stored in the same area.

For small stashes, utilize empty mason jars or cleaned and repurposed bulk food storage containers, like a family-sized jar of pretzel nuggets.

For larger stashes, classic storage containers or oversized Ziploc storage bags may do the trick. They can hold larger bongs and pipes along with whatever cushioning you choose for your glassware, such as an old cotton T-shirt or sweatpants.

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We use our noses to select our preferred wine, tea, coffee and candle flavors. Choosing cannabis should work the same way.

For on-the-go weed storage, consider using pocket-sized canisters and small toiletry jars that can be found at stores like Dollar Tree or Dollar General. You can use colored stickers and sticky notes to track which strain is in each container. Also, saving the tin packs and tubes that pre-roll joints come in can be a helpful place to store unfinished joints or extra buds.

If you carry a purse, backpack or duffle bag, try keeping your to-go canisters in a small cloth bag with a zipper. This extra barrier can go a long way to keeping smells private.

And then there are products made just for weed. I’ve recently recommended the lockable travel pouches and smell-proof box kits with labeled envelopes from Discreet Smoker.

Having to walk your whole stash from room to room can really contribute to spreading the stink around your environment. Try storing your stash near where you’re going to be enjoying it, whether that is indoors or outdoors.

If you indulge in your herb outdoors and your storage solution is truly water-resistant and airtight, consider leaving it in your outdoor space altogether. If the wind or other inclement weather sends you inside to roll up, spray your area or light a candle before you open up your stash.

Using coffee beans and sachets of herbal teas inside your storage containers can cut weed smells down significantly. (Stock photo, Mark Sweep)

Lemon, lavender, mint and other herbal teas all have strong enough scents to help neutralize smells when aerated. Put a few sachets of tea inside or around your storage container.

Coffee beans are also known to kill smells and reset the palate, which is why they are found in high-end perfumeries and department stores in little jars. Keeping a small mesh fabric or drawstring bag full of coffee beans near your weed can come in handy for enjoying and identifying terpene profiles.

Adding a cloth bag of rice at the bottom of your stash container can pull double duty; it will trap smells as it pulls in any excess moisture.

Utilize candles, incense, room sprays and other smell goods to help control the scent of the spaces you may smoke in or near. Hand sanitizers and body sprays can help limit the spread of stink to soft surfaces.

I love cruising the home aisle in various clothing stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s for discontinued scents in candles and room sprays. You can also get these from stores like Yankee candle (these are very strong and give off scent without lighting them), The Body Shop and Bath and Body Works.

Some scents, like fresh citrus or pine, work better than others. Finding creative ways to leave incense sticks or potpourri around your stash or smoking area may help with odors.

For indoor smokers, there are candles and sprays from candlemakers like Paul Hoage Creations that utilize odor-eliminating enzymes to neutralize smoke, food and pet odors. I use these candles myself, and burning two at a time in different rooms all day long will keep any smell at bay.

Spraying near the door as soon as you return from outdoor smoking can help reduce smells. Using a fresh-scented body spray or hand sanitizer keeps the smell of smoke clinging to you from spreading to soft surfaces. Sucking on mints or candy can also help, as you’re still breathing out smoke minutes after you have finished your session.

Keeping fragrant herbs like mint, basil or rosemary growing in or near your smoking space and the place you stash your green could help reduce the stink of weed.screenshot from Amazon

Also putting fresh, fragrant herbs like basil, citronella, or rosemary in the area is a great way to decorate or conceal.

These are the most practical and feasible ways to contain your weed smells using items that you may already have. Just beware of overusing any of these solutions, and don’t store strong-smelling products like candles or dryer sheets with or inside your weed packages.

What are some of the ways that you keep the smells down on your stash? Have a question about consuming weed? Ask me anything.


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