The Baking Staple That'll Remove Pesky Stickers And Leftover Tape
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The Baking Staple That'll Remove Pesky Stickers And Leftover Tape

Aug 08, 2023

What's worse than not getting the sticker off in one smooth motion? Having sticky residue left behind! Residue from stickers, tape, and labels can look unsightly on your walls or ruin the aesthetic of that pretty glass jar you wanted to save.

You can use several products to try removing the adhesive, but rather than shelling out more cash for another product, you can turn to your pantry. Pure vanilla extract can be just what you need to clean up the mess, and on top of that, it can help you save some money!

The kind of vanilla you use matters because of its contents. You have to have the real stuff — the fake stuff may taste just as good, but it won't clean up the residue. Fortunately, a little vanilla goes a long way, so you won't have to worry about going through your baking supplies faster than usual.

Start by removing as much of the label, tape, or sticker as possible. Use warm soapy water to scrub it off. If you're removing something from a tape or wall, use a cloth to scrub. If you have an item like a jar or bottle, you can soak it in water to loosen it up.

Once the residue is all you have left, it's time to put your vanilla to work. Pour just a tad of vanilla onto a cloth and scrub the areas with residue. Repeat this method until all the residue is gone. The higher the alcohol content of your vanilla, the easier the scrubbing process will be.

Keep in mind that vanilla can stain many surfaces because they contain tannins, which often lead to stains. Use an old cloth you don't mind staining, just in case, and test it out in an inconspicuous spot if you're cleaning a table or something else that has a porous surface.

You can use pure vanilla extract to clean for the same reason you can use it to help get rid of odors in your home – its alcohol content. Alcohol breaks down adhesive glue, which is what makes it so easy to clean up.

You'll need pure vanilla extract to remove sticky residue effectively. Pure vanilla contains alcohol, and the FDA specifies that it must be at least 35% alcohol for it to be considered pure. Most brands of vanilla extract usually have 35% to 40% alcohol, so you'll likely have what you need.

Imitation vanilla usually has alcohol in it, but it may not be enough to use as a cleaning product. Since imitation vanilla doesn't have to meet the same standards as the pure extract, it may only contain 2% alcohol. Make sure you don't have an alcohol-free vanilla, as that won't do anything but make your home smell delightful.